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Culture and Environment 

The companys three guiding principles are "reasonable prices, high quality products, and excellent after-sales service. To our mutual growth and advantage, we are eager to engage with new clients. Both client interactions and visits to our factory are welcomed.

We are located in the Wuxi High-Tech Industry Zone. The most populous city in China, Shanghai, is not far from the lovely Wuxi. As a result, it is easy to ship goods from Shanghai port around the world.


Some of our best-selling products include vacuum emulsifiers, high-shear reaction kettles, filling and labelling tools, planetary mixers, crushers, presses, etc. Our equipment has been imported by more than 40 countries, including the USA, Lithuania, Romania, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Middle Eastern countries.

Why Us?

The following are some key reasons because of which we are able to stand out in the market: 

  • We always offered quality assured products such as Homogenizer High Shear Mixer, Industry Grade Large Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, Manual Solder Paste Filling System, Double Rod Lifting Vacuum Planetary Mixer, etc. and deliver them within a stipulated time frame.
  • We never charge unfair rates for our products and because of this customers do not feel any hit on their budget.
  • We have the best team of professionals who are capable of meeting all the organizational goals with ease.

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